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Maskwa Paddle Co. (pronounced musgwa), makers of fine canoe paddles, was founded on the belief that anyone can learn to paddle a canoe and that everyone should have an opportunity to use a truly fantastic paddle.  We make every effort to offer the very best paddling experience a person can have by making only functional, comfortable, durable, and well balanced canoe paddles.   Each paddle is crafted using carefully selected woods and quality finishes.  Our paddle designs have been created to fill a specific paddling style or need, before the design is put into production it is tested for balance, flex, and feel on the water.  Only after it receives the designer’s approval is it then offered to the public.

About Our Paddles

Our paddles are made from carefully selected domestic and exotic hardwoods, each piece inspected for straightness of grain and clear of knots.  We don’t mass produce our paddles and that means each one has been hand crafted. 

Paddlers of all skill levels, from the weekend adventurer to the seasoned guide will appreciate the fine craftsmanship of a Maskwa Paddle starting with the grip.  Select paddles are offered in either a regular grip or our popular northwoods grip. Our grips are carefully shaped to fit the palm of the hand and have no sharp edges or high spots that can irritate and cause blisters.  The blades are thinned to a very fine edge allowing for a very silent paddle stroke which will enable you sneak up on unsuspecting wildlife for that photo of a lifetime.  To seal out the elements each paddle treated with Tung oil which produces a silky smooth finish.



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