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Individual lessons are a great way to begin your paddling journey or help you hone your exsisting skills. We can help you develop your skills so you're prepared for that back country trip of a life time or just want to brush up on skills that you havn't used in a while.

•Forward stroke
•Braces and recovery strokes 
•Combining strokes for efficiency 
•Rescues and towing 
•River paddling 
•And much more!

To Schedule
Set up your own time for personal paddling instruction by contacting us.
Call (306) 955-4587 or email: wildpaddler@gmail.com


There are no prerequisites but an eagerness and readiness to have fun will help!


1 Person $45.00 / hour
2 People $40.00 / hour (per person)
3 People $35.00 / hour (per person)


All safety equipment is provided (life jackets, ropes, throw bags, paddles)

Class size is limited to 10 participants so you'll recieve lots of individual instruction

Canoes: Provide your own or rent one, $25 per person per day.

Recommended minimum age 16.

Please review the Refund and Cancelation Policies page for details.




Certification Courses:

  • Lake Water Tandem Intro
  • Lake Water Tandem Intermediate
  • Lake Water Tandem Advanced

Individual Lessons:

Click here for rates.


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