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Paddle Care

If properly taken care of a paddle will last a life time and propel you along many lakes and rivers.  The care and maintenance of a canoe paddle is minimal but important.

Varnished Paddles
To keep the moisture out, at the start of the season lightly sand the paddle and coat it with a high quality marine grade varnish.  This will keep the wood from absorbing moisture and swelling.

Oiled Paddles
Periodically throughout the season, apply a light coat of boiled linseed oil or Tung oil. Using 600 grit wet / dry sand paper "wet sand" the entire paddle. The oil acts as a lubricant. Let stand for 10 minutes then wipe off the excess oil with a soft clean rag. Let dry for 24 hours before use. This will smooth any nicks and abrasions from normal use.

Note: 5 coats of oil is recomended for best protection.

Possibly the most important thing you can do to preserve the life of a fine paddle is KEEP IT OFF THE ROCKS!  A paddle should never be used to push off of rocks or even a sandy lake bottom,  nothing is harder on it.  It is recommended to carry two paddles, a durable white water paddle and a high end touring paddle.  Whenever launching / landing or in shallow water pull out the white water paddle just in case you tap a rock.  When the water is deep enough switch to a fine wooden paddle. 

One more thing, never turn your paddle around and use the grip to push off of rocks, it will soon become rough and uncomfortable in the hand.

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