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Paddle Making Workshop
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About the workshop:

Particiapants will recieve hands on training to make a canoe paddle of their choice. Starting with a paddle blank and using basic hand tools such as rasps and hand planes you will learn how to carve your own paddle. Class sizes are small so you'll recieve lots of one on one instruction. Due to time constraints some finishing may be required during your own. Be sure to bring a camera and take lots of pictures.


There are no prerequisites but an eagerness and readiness to have fun will help! Some experience with hand tools and power tools will help speed the process.

Workshop Length:

8 hours


9am - 5 pm


$150 per person

To register:

Call (306) 955-4587 or email: wildpaddler@gmail.com or Click the "Add to Cart" button to the right.

Registration Deadline:



  • About the paddle, we will make the guide model. Click HERE to view.
  • To find the length of your paddle please read the "Find Your Paddle Length" page
  • All safety equipment is provided (hearing protection, eye protection & dust masks)
  • Class size is limited to 4 participants so you'll recieve lots of individual instruction
  • Workshop fees include: one paddle blank, 8 hours instruction, shop supplies
  • Recommended minimum age 16.
  • See Refund and Cancelation Policies page for details.

What to Bring:

Please come ready to spend the day working with wood, that means wear old clothes. Hearing protection, eye protection, and dust masks are provided but you may want to bring work gloves, a hat, and an appron. The workshop is a full 8 hours with a break somewhere in the middle for lunch. Bring a bag lunch & water, there are a number of convinience stores near by.

Space is limited so Register Now!

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Registration Deadline:


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